From failing hardware to cloud foo

I’m consolidating pictures, videos on Amazon cloud drive, using “acd_cli [to] provid[e] a command… line interface to Amazon Cloud Drive and allow… mounting [of] your cloud drive using FUSE for read and write access. I’m doing this to fix problems caused by older large-ish linux desktop at home that seems to be failing (occasional bit errors, drive failures, random hangs in certain video modes) and pictures, videos, files, etc. scattered across Facebook, Google, local hard drives, etc. It seems like the right solution at the right time. Useful Foo.


Figure 1: Clouds Go Here


AWS Code Commit is useful foo

AWS Code Commit qualifies as useful foo. 50Gb, 5 users, 10000 commits in free tier. No competition with github for collabortive features but, as it uses IAM for authentication it provides a good alterantive to bare repos on local host or shared hosting for those things you want in git, offsite, but do not want in public github repos.