Home backups

I think this is where I’m going with home backups/storage….comments welcome.


Mounting locally on linux

Backup of various devices

  • Backup the plethora of device we seem to have now http://pogoplug.com/downloads. I count 13 devices with local storage for 3.5 people in our house.

Cloud services

Hacking to set up raid-1 or some such

  • Possibly hack the device to add raid-1


  • Or just do occasional manual backups to a second drive and take it somewhere to have an off-site copy.




Dired frees you from using the mouse in most cases. This is a Good Thing. Avoid the GUI. emacs will, of course, also open .jpg and .pdf and a host of other files natively.

All posts here will not be .emacs.d/ config files. I’m mostly just getting the feel for blogger/org2blog now….

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