Of keys and trees

My two hobbies recently seem to be Emacs and hiking the AT. This is a post about my history with one of them. Not sure how to combine them…

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Figure 1: Emacs User At Work, (c) EarlColour, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

I seem to have come of age at the dawn of the Cambrian explosion of Emacen. This is a list of the various version of Emacs I have used, in rough chronogical order.

From Memory

Verion System Comments
Teco Emacs TOPS20 Granddaddy of them all. First use ?1979?. Had huge source-code printouts.
Multics Emacs Multics I mean, who doesn’t write their source code comments in Latin and Yiddish?
FINE TOPS10 Because, well, even discontinued DEC product lines needed Emacs.
JOVE PC Used before porting MicroEmacs
MicroEmacs / mg PC, Amiga I did the original Amiga port and post to comp.sources.amiga. Apparently Linus Torvalds uses a derivative
Gosling Emacs (Gosmacs) Unix I think I used this at one point. Gos went on to create Java.
Command Line Versions Various Try typing ^A,^E,^B,^F to edit in bash or the Chrome search box.
GNU Emacs Unix One Editor To Rule Them All, One Editor to Find them, and in the global-set-key, bind them.

Other lists of emacsen


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