One DB to rule them all

I set up mongoDB to laod the VCDB data breech info. Apparently 3000+ records and 5Mb are more than Emacs Org mode tables can handle.

Some useful videos here

And for those that like pretty pictures or are interested in data breech info, try this


Figure 1: VCDB Explorer


Of keys and trees

My two hobbies recently seem to be Emacs and hiking the AT. This is a post about my history with one of them. Not sure how to combine them…

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Figure 1: Emacs User At Work, (c) EarlColour, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

I seem to have come of age at the dawn of the Cambrian explosion of Emacen. This is a list of the various version of Emacs I have used, in rough chronogical order.

From Memory

Verion System Comments
Teco Emacs TOPS20 Granddaddy of them all. First use ?1979?. Had huge source-code printouts.
Multics Emacs Multics I mean, who doesn’t write their source code comments in Latin and Yiddish?
FINE TOPS10 Because, well, even discontinued DEC product lines needed Emacs.
JOVE PC Used before porting MicroEmacs
MicroEmacs / mg PC, Amiga I did the original Amiga port and post to comp.sources.amiga. Apparently Linus Torvalds uses a derivative
Gosling Emacs (Gosmacs) Unix I think I used this at one point. Gos went on to create Java.
Command Line Versions Various Try typing ^A,^E,^B,^F to edit in bash or the Chrome search box.
GNU Emacs Unix One Editor To Rule Them All, One Editor to Find them, and in the global-set-key, bind them.

Other lists of emacsen