From failing hardware to cloud foo

I’m consolidating pictures, videos on Amazon cloud drive, using “acd_cli [to] provid[e] a command… line interface to Amazon Cloud Drive and allow… mounting [of] your cloud drive using FUSE for read and write access. I’m doing this to fix problems caused by older large-ish linux desktop at home that seems to be failing (occasional bit errors, drive failures, random hangs in certain video modes) and pictures, videos, files, etc. scattered across Facebook, Google, local hard drives, etc. It seems like the right solution at the right time. Useful Foo.


Figure 1: Clouds Go Here

HOWTO notes on using to broadcast a recital

These are notes-to-self on how to Livestream a recital. Results here: Still needs editing. Action starts around 12:30 in the first half video.

There will probably be a few updates to this post later. Check back with the WordPress version (not the one cross-posted from wordpresss) or contact me directly if you have questions

Create and post link to second event

  • Backup event with iPAD (results not as good)

Investigating live streaming options

Google Hangouts On Air
I investigated Google Hangout On Air events. They are linked to YouTube. It looks like workable option. They seem to work pretty well for emacs-hangouts, but I had some problems getting it working/broadcasting from various devices.
The other useful option (recommended by Bryan’s friends who broadcast their recitals) is I played around with this some and it seems to work pretty well. I am in the process (below) of learning the ins-and-outs, but will be using this.

Investigate Hardware Options


built-in 720p camera
External snnoball blue USB microphone (44.1 hz, 16 bit)

iPad 5

tech specs from appple
tech specs from pcworld
See below.
I could find no data on the built-in microphone(s) on the iPad.
Front Camera Webcam         Yes
Front Camera Webcam Resolution      1.2 Megapixel
Rear Camera         Yes
Rear Camera Resolution      5 Megapixel
Rear Camera Video Resolution        1920 x 1080

List general info on digital recording of sound and sad history around two apples

Intro to sample rates and bit depth is a good intro to digital sound
Sad commentary on two apples
When Apple computer made its deal with the Beatles Apple Records for the use of the trademark “Apple”, both thought a computer company would never get into music…see, Harrison’s “Sue Me, Sue You Blues” is apt, but I digress greatly…

List general info on using livestream

Livestream tech specs
The livestream tech specs are good for knowing what the options are.

Install Broadcasting Software

For the mac I broadcast with the free livestream producer
For the iPad I broadcast with the livestream app

Open Questions/Things to try

What’s the difference between livestream free and first paid teir (“Basic”) ?

Based on this and other info, it appears that the first non-free teir ($99/mo, month to month) offers the following advantages over free teir:

No login required for viewers
e.g. viewers do not have to set up a livestream account
Cloud Recording
e.g. so you can donwload the MP4 afterwords
Storage past 30 days
if you pay for more than one month

Choosing the account option

So, for my use, broadcasting a single event, it seems that signing up for a “Basic” account makes the most sense

Can I cancel (not pay for more months) with no hassle?
It is apparently possible to “downgrade” (not paying any more) after the event

Downloading MP4

[X] Downlaod MP4
Download MP4 from some of my test. Not availablefor free accounts? To downlaod (using account owner login on web page), go to event, within each event there is a list of videos. At the top rigth is a gear icon. One of the options is to download at various pixel resolutions. Do that.
[ ] Use Houlo
Another option, not tried, possibly useful for free accounts is _

Test Broadcasting

Test video resolution on the iPad

front camera video
Appears to record only in 540p
rear camera video
Appears to record only in 540p

Test video resolution on mac

  • Appears to provide options of 720p to 270p

Test Audio sampling rates on iPad

Test Audio sampling rates on mac

  • Mixer allows you to choose input source (e.g. snowball, internal mic, etc.)

Test live streaming performance on several devices

  • e.g. can we see something approximating real time
  • are delays bad/unacceptable

Set up a test event, broadcast it today

Test Livestreaming twice simultaniously

  • e.g. I might want to broadcast from a PC using hardwired network port and attached external microphone to get highest quality sound and no contention for wireless, and also live from an iPad (higher quality camera, ?lower quality? mic) to provide two options.
  • To broadcast live twice simultaniously you have to have two events.
  • To give “audience” a chance to test their PC/iPad/whatever

Make sure broadcasting devices are not going to time out/screen-lock/etc

  • Turn off screen lock, timeout, whatever
  • possibly turn down sreeen screen brightness, e.g. on iPad if it will not be plugged i

Mess with power saving options to prevent shudown

  • [X] mac
  • [ ] ipad

Broadcast for over an hour in test event

Fully charge batteries on broadcast devices

Change batteries in headphones

Figure out a couple “mounting” options for devices

  • ? on music stands ?
  • ? on railing at side of auditorium? ?
  • ? on step-stool ?
  • DUCT TAPE !!!

Things to understand/find out

What bitrate and sample freququency shoudl I use ?

Understand Relationship between upload and download quality

  • e.g. can I record/upload at highest quality while allowing people on slow connections (like me on my home wireless) download/view at lower bandwidth*

Understand my storage usage and limits

  • infnite